The Woodlands, West Philly's Home

The Woodlands is a national treasure. A must-see historic site and communal backyard for a vibrant Philadelphia neighborhood. A 54 acre green space, nestled into the heart of Philadelphia's University City, The Woodlands has been a cultural and architectural anchor since the late 18th century. Today, it is undergoing a long-overdue renaissance. Over the last 5 years, The Woodlands has transformed itself from a forgotten relic, into a cultural hub. Much of this is due to transformative programming and a radical refinement of communications — all of which has made the city — and the nation — aware of its reputation and influence.

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The Woodlands Capital Campaign

Copywriting, strategy, print design, web design, video production. We had a good think, and landed on a big idea: The Woodlands is much more than just a neighborhood green space — it is no less than West Philadelphia's Home. Armed with this idea, and an underdog personality, the rest just fell into place... The kind of natural fit where the brand just feels right.

Celebrate The Woodlands in the Summer

Visitors to The Woodlands know that aside from it's grand 18th century mansion, it is also home to an historic 19th century landscaped cemetery. To promote The Woodlands' largest summer fundraising event, a custom event design was created. We leveraged the horticultural bounty of it's gardens, and the wealth of gorgeous gravemarkers to arrive at this synthesis of a summer bounty: Bread, cheese, flowers, fruit, veg and finally — slate. This new summer event branding extended across all seasonal materials, including print, digital and web, and finally to the event itself.

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