Bottomless coffee, a stack of raw materials, pet hair on everything, and good design everywhere.

The Woodlands, West Philly's Home

The Woodlands is a national treasure. A must-see historic site and communal backyard for a vibrant Philadelphia neighborhood. A 54 acre green space, nestled into the heart of Philadelphia's University City, The Woodlands has been a cultural and architectural anchor since the late 18th century. Today, it is undergoing a long-overdue renaissance. Over the last 5 years, The Woodlands has transformed itself from a forgotten relic, into a cultural hub. Much of this is due to transformative programming and a radical refinement of communications — all of which has made the city — and the nation — aware of its reputation and influence.

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I come from a long line of artists. I was raised with paint and pencil, and they are still my favorite tools.

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Healthcare Advertising

Over the last few years, my career has veered into the specialized, heavily-regulated, rewarding, and seriously-meaningful world of health advertising.

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The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce

What happens when a group of empowered young designers are given a clean slate 100+ times per year? For me, it meant stress, pride, panic, inspiration, and lots and lots of color. For 5 years, I led a small — but confident group of creatives, We created 360° campaigns around each of the Chamber's main programmatic offerings and branded promotions — roughly 180/year at last count! But we werent just a production shop. Every assignment involved research, a thoughtful approach to the problem, presentations, and performance measurements. Most projects presented below included a full range of executions including: pre- and post-event video, web, direct Mail, e-mail, environmental signage, printed publications, and interactive presentations.

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Shooting, editing, color grading, recording audio, mixing audio, designing motion graphics, tiny budgets, massive budgets, building storyboards, managing complex sets, coordinating talent... I love all this stuff!

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Pumpkin Portraits

Many moons ago, I saw a fancy carved pumpkin in Martha Stewart's magazine. I thought to myself "that could be fun" — That Halloween, I aimed high and weird, trying to carve Henry Kissinger for some reason long forgotten. What I ended up with was something a bit more like Syndey Bristow's father on the TV show Alias. It was strange and dumb failure. Halloween allows for a limited season for practice — but I won't let a gourd defeat me! So, here we are, a decade later, and I'm about to share with you how I spend every Halloween night. Enjoy, and BOO!

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Handmade, custom-designed tube amplifiers

I'm crazy about building and designing tube amps for guitar, bass and hifi. My friends agree: I might be crazy. Most people can't see how this fits in with the rest of what I do. But I've figured it out; it's about the puzzle of understanding what the hell is going on with a beautifully complex system. From there, it's just a matter of making it unique and lovely with an attention (obsession) for craft and detail. My passion for guitar has always leaned toward gear, and away from actually becoming a better player! So following the former, I can say that am proud to have built some the finest quality amps around, for some of the best players I've ever heard. What you'll see in these pages aren't clones, they are true custom builds (even if inspired by classic designs on occasion).

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