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Bottomless coffee, a stack of raw materials, pet hair on everything, and good design everywhere.

The Woodlands, West Philly's Home

The Woodlands is a national treasure. A must-see historic site—but presently functioning as more of a communal backyard for a vibrant Philadelphia neighborhood.

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I come from a long line of artists. I was raised with paint and pencil, and they are still my favorite tools.

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Over the last few years, my career has veered into the specialized, heavily-regulated, rewarding, and seriously-meaningful world of health advertising.

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The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce

What happens when a group of empowered young designers are given a clean slate 100+ times per year? For me, it meant stress, pride, panic, inspiration, and lots and lots of color. For 5 years, I led a small — but confident group of creatives, at a super unlikely organization.

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Directing, shooting, editing, color grading, recording audio, mixing audio, designing motion graphics, tiny budgets, massive budgets, storyboards, choreography, all that stuff.

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Pumpkin Portraits

Just your regular real-life pumpkins, carved into famous people. This is how I spend every Halloween night. Enjoy, and BOO!

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Handmade, custom-designed tube amplifiers

I'm crazy about tube amps. Guitar, bass and hifi. Most people can't see how this fits in with the rest of what I do. But I've figured it out; it's about the puzzle of understanding what the hell is going on with each electron, and taking that knowledge to build simple elegant designs, with very few parts.

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Nate Johnson

Thanks for digging this deep, but most of the good stuff is up there ^ :)