Pumpkin Portraits

Many moons ago, I saw a fancy carved pumpkin in Martha Stewart's magazine. I thought to myself "that could be fun" — That Halloween, I aimed high and weird, trying to carve Henry Kissinger for some reason long forgotten. What I ended up with was something a bit more like Syndey Bristow's father on the TV show Alias. It was strange and dumb failure — and I had only a few days each year to practice, but I wouldn't let a gourd defeat me! So, here we are, a decade later, and I'm about to share with you how I spend every Halloween night. Enjoy, and BOO!

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Me and the 2008 Candidates. Photographed for the Inquirer. lol.

John Oliver

Tom Petty


Some random orange monster

"Imma let you finish" - Kanye & Taylor


(a young) Taylor Swift

Michael Stipe of REM

Michael Jackson

Amy Winehouse. I like how the top of the pumpkin is reused for the extra-tall hair.

Tobias Fünke

Posing next to TomKat

Scariest Couple in Hollywood (at the time): TomKat... Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Stephen Colbert. This was featured on the Colbert Report, it sat proudly on top of The Rhodes piano during Wilco's halloween performance.

(a young) Justin Bieber

Pitching Legend, Roy Halladay

My Hero, Pee Wee Herman

Andy Warhol & Lou Reed

Lou Reed

(former) Philadelphia Mayor, Michael Nutter

My first Edgar Allen Poe

My second Edgar Allen Poe

My second Edgar Allen Poe (detail)

Rob Pattinson & Krysten Steewart
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