Shooting, editing, color grading, recording audio, mixing audio, designing motion graphics, tiny budgets, massive budgets, building storyboards, managing complex sets, coordinating talent... I love all this stuff!

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Small Stories

On July, 18, 2011. The Buried Beds played a day full of music in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park at Lemon Hill Mansion. This film documents the music, the friends and the party.

This was my first foray into filmmaking... and it was a doozy. In retrospect, I should have been way out of my depth. I hadn't really ever done anything much before this — not even a short, normal music video.

I really think that it was the willingness to dive in headfirst, coupled with almost no experience is what made this turn out so special. Looking back, now years later, this may very well amount to my proudest moment as a creator. It seems unfathomable that I could have organized a group of amazing artists to come together so seamlessly under this weirdo vision of mine, armed with with nothing but my word that it would turn out awesome.

And in case you couldn't tell, this was all recorded live with multitrack audio and half a dozen synced cameras.

Directed by: Nate Johnson
Buried Beds: Brandon Beaver, Tommy Bendel, Dave Hartley, Eliza Hardy Jones, Hallie Boyle Sianni
Sound Recording and Mixing: Nick Krill
Cameras: Ben Bloodwell, Morgan Cichewicz, Nate Johnson, Lusi Klimenko
A DVD/CD package is available for sale, which includes a digital download of some of the songs.

The Evolution of Genius

During my short — but super intersting — stint at Gap International, we built some really cool, slick, and sometimes minimal projects. One of these projects was the promotion of the the yearly Leveraging Genius Conference. We created a series of graphics, web advertising, blog posts and social media promotion, including this video. It was written to spark wonder, provoke questions, and challenge conventional ideas about genius, what is it actually, who has it, and how can we tap into it.

The conference had a personality of discovery and wonder, so we developed a minimal icon to represent those qualities: The simple dot. Through After Effects, this simple dot was brought to life.

Music Video for the Buried Beds

1 day of shooting, $0 Budget, 4 person crew, tons of fun making this.

Everyone Got What They Wanted

Coming off the success of Small Stories, The Spinto Band asked if we could do something similar. The purpose was to commemorate their last days in their studio — or perhaps, more accurately — their home. It wouldnt be a stretch to say that the band had nested into their studio. It was a creative sandbox, a living room, a campground, a backyard oasis, a kozy kountry kitchen, and a high-tech music production cockpit.

When it was announced that their lease wouldn't be renewed, and that the building would be demolished for new housing, we got to work documenting all of what made this place great.

Live music video starring the Spinto Band & Friends.
Performed & Recorded LIVE on March 4th, 2012 at the Garden Center
Recording Engineers: Nick Krill and Rick Flom
Sound Assistant: Eric Hartman
Mixing Engineer: Nick Krill
Cinematography: Albert Birney, Ben Bloodwell, Morgan Cichewicz, Ryan Collerd, Phillip Davis, Nate Johnson, Lusi Klimenko
Director and Editor: Nate Johnson
The Spinto Band is: Jeff Hobson, Joe Hobson, Sam Hughes, Thomas Hughes, Nick Krill

Korg MS-20 Mini - Launch Promo

In the summer or 2013, I had the opportunity to partner with Korg | USA and the Spinto Band to work on a promotion for the release of the MS-20 Mini Synthesizer. At the request of Korg and the Band, I riffed off the style of another video I had created with the Spinto Band (seen above, Everyone Got What They Wanted). The ad concept is that the album version of the song has been re-recorded using exclusively Korg products — most notably the brand new MS-20 Mini.
To make the MS-20 Mini into the star of the video I made a stop motion video of the keyboard being used in the solo of the song.

The Light Across the Dust

Another Live music video starring Joshua Marcus & Friends. This time the crew got substantially smaller and more nimble.
Audio: Morgan Cichewicz
Cinematography: Nate Johnson, Lusi Klimenko

The Silver Ages

Performed live at Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia on January 14, 2012.
The Silver Ages are:
Prash Akkapeddi, Brandon Beaver, Gianmarco Cilli, Dave Wayne Daniels, Rick Flom, Charlie Hall, Shai Halperin, Dave Hartley, Heyward Howkins, Young Nick Krill, Dan Matz, Josh Newman, Todd Starlin, Severin Tucker, Zach Miller

Growing History

Video, logo design, and production for Growing History.

Other projects: 
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